Monday, August 9, 2010

Already-Done List

There are less than 3 weeks left of summer, and even if I'm not teaching this fall (thank God and little green apples), I'm still feeling panicky about how much I've got to do before that magical and halcyon--riiiight--time elapses.

But because I'm trying to appease my conscience and convince my brain to give me a break, I thought I would make an "Already Done" List of academic-y stuff to celebrate not being totally incompetent at time management. And to explain where I've been, because it obviously hasn't been writing here.

1. Wrote 14,287 words of Chapter 3 (~5000 to go)
2. Cut down Chapter 1 to a conference paper
3. Delivered conference paper at Leeds
4. Drafted cover letter for job applications
5. Revised and sent out article #1
6. Finished reading for revision of article #2
7. Acknowledged and accepted 20 conference papers
8. Final Center for the Book certificate class (Letterpress, the HORROR, well-deserved A)
9. Drafted CV
10. E-mailed two outside recommenders asking for letters
11. Oh, yeah. Delivered paper at Kalamazoo

Okay, that list is a little shorter than I expected. I've got a few other things in progress that can't be considered completed (revising article #2, dissertation abstract, article abstract for submission, etc.), but that's the shape of the summer.

Next up: a discussion of Lacanian theory of the Nom-du-père and the debate about external vs. internal assignment of sexuality.